Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket!

High Heels & Hockey will be hosting a winner-take-all playoff bracket. It is $10 to enter via PayPal. Brackets will be created via shared docs on Google. (Note: You do not need a PayPal account to send money via PayPal. Also if you live near me in the South Hills or work downtown, I’d be happy to meet you in town!)

The point system will work as follows:

4 points if the team you choose sweeps the series in 4 games

3 points if the team you chose wins in 5 games

2 points if the team you chose wins in 6 games

1 point if the team you chose wins in 7 games

0 points for teams whom do not advance to the next round of the playoffs

All entry fees and brackets for the first round entries are due by Midnight Eastern Standard Time, Tuesday April 10th. No entries will be accepted the day the playoffs begin! This contest is open to fans of all teams! 

Points will be updated at the end of each series. All brackets will be  viewable on Google Docs. We will do this round by round.

I will email everyone who enters a bracket. Email it back to and it will be uploaded to Google Docs for your viewing. Brackets will be emailed out next Sunday evening (April 8th) after seeding for the playoffs is known.


This is a winner take all for the cash prize. Pens t-shirts will be awarded to second and third place winners.

In the event of a tie in points, the winners will split the pot evenly.

To Enter:

Visit Send $10 to In your message, please include your name, email and that this is for the playoff bracket. List it as for services.

Thank you and good luck!

*** Here is the link to view the bracket for Round 1****


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