Stevie Watson

Founder of High Heeled Hockey Mom


I am a 30 year old Pittsburgher, born and raised. I have a degree in Political Science from Carlow University and currently work in corporate compliance in the financial services industry.

My most important job though, is raising my 5 year old son, Jordan. He currently plays ice hockey and dek hockey and begins baseball this spring and possibly soccer this summer. He wants to try it all and why shouldn’t he? You have to find your passion! I anticipate being a Den Mother for Cub Scouts in my future as well!

I played softball growing up as a 2nd baseman for one of my teams and catcher/outfielder for my other. I have been blogging for six years, first  concentrating mostly on politics.

I am a life long Peguins fan, but I will watch any hockey team. My favorite non-Pens teams are the Ducks,  Sharks, and Blackhawks. My all time favorite Penguin is Shawn McEachern. My favorite moments as a Pens fan were sitting on my uncle’s shoulders at the Stanley Cup rally at Point State Park in 1991, my first game during the streak of 1993 against the Kings and taking my son to his first game which was the last home opener at Mellon Arena (2009 Stanley Cup banner raising).

Contact Info:
Twitter: @highheelshockey for hockey and blog talk, @Did_I_Sutter is my personal account

Check out Hockey Kicks Cancer, a charity kickball tournament that I co-founded with members of The PensNation.

You can also follow me for Pens analysis on Pens Initiative. The site launches April 19!



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