Catching Fear

By Stevie

One thing I have noticed over the last month or so is that Jordan is terrified of catching a baseball. I mean, he will make every excuse possible to avoid having to catch a ball.

He just wants to bat.

Unless he plans on playing in the MLB in the American League so he can be a DH, having to catch a ball is going to be unavoidable for him.

The problem is, I have no idea how to absolve him of this fear. I don’t remember being afraid to catch the ball. He is seriously terrified that the ball is going to knock him into next Tuesday if he goes near it. Scotty Smalls put forth more effort, got hit in the eye, and went back out and played. Poor Jordy is no Scotty Smalls, as much as this fear might be killing me.

“Mom, let’s play catch! WAIT! Roll me grounders!” I lob the ball to him. “NO! Grounders!” Throws his glove and storms off or sits down and refuses to play.

I truly have no solution to this. The kid takes zero issue with putting his body in front of a hockey ball to stop it, but if you throw a ball to him, he runs like I threw a grenade at him.

Stands at 1st base, ducks from every ball lobbed at him. Has no problem whipping a ball at another kid??

Stands at 1st base, ducks from every ball lobbed at him. Has no problem whipping a ball at another kid??

He loves baseball and he has fun, but if he isn’t going to learn to catch the ball, I’m not sure what to do for him. The kid can rip the ball throwing it and batting for someone his size. He is a very natural athlete. But something is holding him back with catching and I’m not sure what the solution is.

If anyone has advice, I’m happy to receive it!


2 responses to “Catching Fear

  1. Sounds like he’s already been hit with the ball via practice or in game. I know when it came to batting, I used to get yelled at for stepping away from the plate to swing instead of stepping forward. I couldn’t get over the fear of being hit. It doesn’t bother me now, but as a kid it was crippling. A possible approach is maybe have some other kids attempt to lure him into a game of catch. That may help, may not. Just sharing what I know.

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