SheroBucks Game 3: The PensNation

For today’s SheroBucks game, you will listen to a podcast from the guys at The PensNation and complete the quiz below. There are  9 questions, worth 5  SheroBucks each. (Total of  45 possible SheroBucks.)

Listen to the podcast here. You can also follow them on Twitter @ThePensNation.


1. What hosts from The PensNation appeared on the radio show?

2. Who did The PensNation interview and what organization does the person
work for?

3. Where did the guest play hockey when he was growing up?

4.Who did the guest believe will make the Penguins roster? Eric Tangradi
or Beau Bennett?

5. What did the guest believe Evgeni Malkin should have done on his first
day of training camp?

6. How many times has the guest appeared on the show (Including this most
recent interview)

7. Will the Penguins scrimmage on Wednesday night be televised? If so, on
what station?

8. How many minutes of refreshing did it take for Ken Will to get through
to buy his Penguins tickets?

9. The hosts made an announcement at the end of the show. What was it?

Please email your answers to by 11:00 pm tonight! Put “SheroBucks The PensNation” in the subject line and include your name in the email so that your points can be tracked!

Answers from yesterday:

1. What is the name of the team that won the Hockey Kicks Cancer tournament? Lewis’ Kick Bawlers

2. In a reader poll, what did fans say they would do the MOST during the NHL lockout? Crying…a lot

3. I have a pair of shoes that were featured on the site. What brand of shoes are they? Hint: Check in the earlier months the site was up and running! (Brought to my attention that there are TWO pairs listed on the site. Forgot about a pair! One of them I actually own. The other I own a similar pair, same designer. I will accept either answer as correct!!) Roxy and/or Mojo Moxy 

4. Who is my all-time favorite Penguin? Shawn McEachern

5. Who do I believe was Sidney Crosby’s best winger in his career overall? Billy Guerin

6. I was an advocate for the Pens bringing in Alexander Semin. Why did I believe he was struggling in Washington recently? I listed two  reasons. 1. The Capitals only offered him a 1  year extension of his contract (no motivation to perform) and 2. Lack of leadership in Ovechkin, whom the GM and coaches let run wild

7. What did people have “TK Rage” over during a practice in March? For placing TK on Crosby’s line 

8. What is my favorite Starbucks beverage? Salted Caramel Mocha

9. Who made Cinderella shoes in 2012? Name the designer. Christian Louboutin

10. I compared Malkin and Stamkos’ seasons. What prompted this analysis? Troll on Facebook

11. I believe it is okay to wear gear from other NHL teams. Who’s sherseys do I own other than players on the Pens? I have: Giroux, Nugent-Hopkins, Bobby Ryan, and Couture

Thank you for playing everyone!


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