Bombing Cancer

By Stevie

Apparently hockey bloggers aren’t charitable. Or at least Kevin Paul Dupont from the Boston Globe doesn’t think so. Luckily, Daniel Wagner from The Score has gone to bat for bloggers, proving that we are more than just “journalism replacements”. For many bloggers, it isn’t about us being right or being better than paid journalists. Some of us are just having fun. Some of us are offering a different perspective. Some of us just love to write. Whatever the reason, bloggers exist and nothing is going to make them go away.

Greg Wyshynski from Puck Daddy saw one of Dupont’s tweets and responded appropriately.

Hockey Kicks Cancer is in the top five results…twice, though Wagner’s article also links to the event as well as several events being held by bloggers from other fan bases.

Here is the thing: What if the mainstream media and bloggers worked together? INSANITY! Why would we do such a thing? If Dupont took his audience and wrote and Tweeted about Hockey Kicks Cancer, do you think we could get donations? I bet we could. We’ve received donations from all over the United States and Canada for the event. Why? Because cancer is a terrible illness and it touches everyone.

Personally,  I have a little over 1,000 Twitter followers. What if each follower were to donate $5? What if the other bloggers involved got each person that follows them to donate? A small, personal, blogging community has raised almost $1000 for this event SINCE SUNDAY NIGHT. That is incredible!!!!

We aren’t holding this event because we love hockey and he love the Pens. We are holding this event because with the audience that all of our blogs have, we can use what we have to make a positive impact. We have the resources. We can use those resources solely for screwing around on the internet or we can use them to help others. How many of you have cancer? How many of you have a close relative who survived cancer? How many of you love someone who passed from cancer? How many of you are currently standing by someone who is receiving chemo and radiation as we speak?

The answer is too many hands to count would be raised. We all know someone. We’ve all been there, through the pain, and the fear, the tears, the triumph, the disappointment, through good times and sad endings. We have all been there.

Hockey Fights Cancer is an organization supported globally and many other bloggers out there have shown support for Hockey Fights Cancer Month. So this is what I am proposing: A money bomb.

I am challenging members of our fellow blogging communities from ALL NHL teams to reach out to your readers and help us raise money for Hockey Fights Cancer. The challenge: To Raise $2,000 by Saturday, October 6th at midnight.

Can it be done? If we all promote and pull together, we can shatter that number and do something good for the people around us. This isn’t about hockey. It isn’t about blogging. It is about taking what we have and putting it to good use.

What’s the worst that can happen? We help researchers get one step closer to a cure?

You can donate to Hockey Kicks Cancer Charity Event by sending your donation via PayPal to 

Provide the following information with your donation: 
That your donation is for Hockey Kicks Cancer (Donation ID)
What NHL team you root for
What your favorite hockey blog is


Thanks to the Bruins blog Days of Y’orr for kicking off donations! And read their blog. HILARIOUS stuff over there! Great group of guys!



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