Photoshopping Against Cancer

By Stevie

Every once in awhile, you are able to smile because some of your faith in humanity that is destroyed by idiots on the internet and on reality television is restored  by the actions of a few.

A group of friends that formed via the comment section on a sports blog created their own internet community. This community decided to hold a contest to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in response to the fundraiser Hockey Kicks Cancer. Some of the members of this small internet community will be in attendance at Hockey Kicks Cancer, many personally touched in some way by this terrible illness.

So what have they done? Member of the site Jobberdy, Adam Twelv, has offered himself up as the sacrificial lamb of countless Photoshops in an effort to raise money. In order to vote for your favorite Photoshop of Adam donning an extremely deep V neck shirt (which is completely hilarious), you must donate to each Photoshop. The photo or gif at the end that has raised the most money will be proclaimed the winner. Voting ends at midnight on Friday, October 5th.

Since Sunday, the community has raised over $800, sharing in some laughter at Adam’s expense while simultaneously doing something completely extraordinary and selfless for charity.

To the group of people who set this up: Thank you. Seriously, thank you. This is one of the most amazing and generous actions I have witnessed in a very long time and your efforts are to be not only commended, but hopefully are an inspiration to others to show that you can do something creative and fun to help others.

Community members users Adam Twelv and YinzerinCT as well as RagsFan set up this Photoshop contest. They deserve a great deal of credit, along with everyone who took time out of their day to create their contest submissions and all of the people donating/voting.

You can help with the voting here by donating your desired amount to the gif or photo you like best! Thank you to PensRYourDaddy for setting up this site for the public to vote!

My contribution to this contest will be a prize basket to the winner containing a ticket package to the Three Rivers Classic on December 28-29 as well as assorted Penguins memorabilia. 


10 responses to “Photoshopping Against Cancer

  1. hahahah but we ARE the idiots on the internet! Thank you for the inspiration and the generous prize. With any luck we idiots will hit $500 by the deadline. FU cancer! Go Pens!

    • Trust me, I resemble that statement as well! But I seriously cannot thank you all enough for this. This is absolutely mind blowing to me that you’ve raised that much! I wish other people would have put forth even half the effort you guys did and we could do a lot of good with this! I hope a lot of you are able to come! We have a ton of prize baskets I still have to pick up from the businesses that donated them throughout the rest of the week and we’ll have some other stuff going on other than kickball!

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