Hockey Mom Diaries: Last Day of Dek Hockey

By Stevie

Yesterday was the last day of my son playing for the Penguins’ first session of Learn to Play Dek Hockey. Thus far, Jordan has participated in ice skating lessons twice (which start again in a few weeks) and the Hockey School at Mount Lebanon. This was the first experience he has had that I would count as actually rewarding. The coaches were amazing. The program was well structured and the coaches consistently reinforced that the kids should first and foremost be having FUN.

Yesterday, as we pulled into the parking lot, Jordan said that he was going to miss dek hockey. Well today is your lucky day, kiddo! I happen to have a form right here to sign you up for the fall! South Hills Dek Hockey is running a 10 week clinic for 4-5 year olds for only $50. This is fantastic! He will get a new shirt for the session and thanks to the Pens, he has all of the equipment he needs.

I encourage anyone who has children that are interested in hockey to sign up for this clinic. SHDH is a newer facility, but they are running a great program. (Sign ups for both the clinics and adult fall leagues are going on now. You can get more information here.)

On the last day, the kids worked on break-aways and shoot outs before scrimmaging. The coaches ended a bit early so that parents could take pictures of the kids, which was just courteous and much appreciated. A lot of the kids signed up for the fall clinic, so it will be nice that Jordan will have the opportunity to continue getting to know these kids. A few of them take ice skating lessons at Ice Castle where he skates as well.

Yep. That’s my kid in the Marian Gaborik shersey. He likes the Rangers. I allow it.

Ice skating is something else he is looking forward to again and he keeps asking to go skating. It’s a been difficult finding public skating sessions that we can make it to lately. They are a bit scarce in the summer. But in a few weeks we will be back on the ice as well!

Thank you once again to all of the coaches and staff for their dedication these past six weeks. I hope to see you all again in a few weeks for the fall clinic!

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