Doing Women No Favors

By Stevie

There has been quite a buzz this week regarding the Canadian sports program/blog While the Men Watch. Many are saying that this site is sexist. It is ran by two women whom are married to “sports addict” men. So they offer up sports commentary and “helpful” advice for women in relationships with sports loving men who may not share that same interest.

I didn’t think the site could be that bad. Yeah, I was wrong.

Once again, more poor information is being solicited to unsuspecting females on how to please and impress their men by pretending they care at all about sports when they don’t. There is nothing wrong with not liking sports. I personally love sports- It’d be really odd if I didn’t considering I write this blog- however, not all women do. Hell! Not all men do! There is no shame in this and a person should not force  the love of sport simply to impress someone else.

These women quite honestly come off as two bitter hags who are jealous that their men would dare exert effort into caring about sports rather than pay them constant attention around the clock.

While select posts are entertaining for women whom don’t check their vaginas at the door when they watch sports (re: NHL’s Best and Worst Dressed…which is missing Claude Giroux as worst dressed so this really makes me question their qualifications on this subject), for the most part, it is a road map to annoying the crap out of your significant other.

My God…his Plaid Suit of Death

I’ve written some posts on fan-girling being natural (because guys do it too!), but some of these posts make women seem like brainless Stepfords. They have come up with ways to improve baseball: Put first names on the back of jerseys, retractable roof at every stadium so you don’t get wet during rainy games, and cleaning the dugouts in the 6th inning.

Please, stop. Just…just stop. STOP. Step away from the computer. First names on jerseys? Cleaning dugouts? You want hors d’oeuvres instead of sunflower seeds? Christ on a cracker, please just don’t date men who like sports. Get yourself a nice book worm and step away from Sports Illustrated.

They are also kind enough to offer up sex games to play with men during hockey season. Just leave the man alone to watch the game! They also offer up tips on what you can yell during a hockey game to appear like you understand what is going on! “Play the boards! Play the boards!”

A friendly suggestion: Why don’t you just ask your boyfriend/husband what is going on instead of making a fool of yourself? Or better yet, why not create a site that actually teaches women about sports who have a genuine interest in learning about sports, rather than giving them poor relationship advice and pointing them in the direction of mindless, giggling-fembots.

The only thing I learned from this site is that lying makes men happy… Or at least these women seem to think so. The other thing that makes men happy is trying to control them by using sex as a weapon to gain their attention.

Sorry, ladies. Get a vibrator and let the men (and the rest of us women) enjoy sports as they are… without removing sunflower seeds from the dugouts. This site isn’t promoting sports for women or any sort of productive talk. It has been described as “Sex in the City meets ESPN.” I’d better categorize it as “asinine suggestions for women who don’t take themselves seriously.”

You are doing women no favors with this site. It is an embarrassment. Women who actually do love sports will gain nothing from this site but a look into a world that most of us wish NOT to be associated with.

And please…never EVER refer to the playoffs as the “Stanley Cup Capades” ever again. Kenny Wu isn’t going to play.



3 responses to “Doing Women No Favors

  1. my suggestion for making baseball better: continue serving alcohol until the end of the games.

    I don’t like baseball, but I buy my husband tickets for a game or two each season. If a game goes into extra innings, I want the option of getting another drink.

  2. I am a hockey fan, I don’t care about sports I care about hockey. My husband didn’t like hockey at first either but I never forced him to watch. it is okay to have separate interests. But he got interested but make no mistake – hockey is MY obsession. There is no talking during the game unless it is to scream at the tv. I fangirl over one or two players (seriously how could you not love Brent BAMF Johnson) but for the most part I am just a fan that is a girl. I think you are spot on – these girls need some non sport fan guys instead of trying to teach these Kardashian wannabe girls tips on how to trick a man.

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