Eastern Conference Finals- Guest Blog

By Matthew Taylor from the blog Dear GQ @Dear_GQ and @CrazyIrish76

Ladies and Gentleman it’s official The Washington Capitals High Sticking Double Minor with less than 45 seconds to go in Game 5 cost them the series against the NY Rangers. After not allowing a shot on the PP the entire game they somehow allowed 2 PP Goals in under 2 minutes the 1st with under 30 seconds to go in regulation and thus sending the game into OT in which still being on the PP for the 2nd of the double minor allowed yet another goal and giving the Rangers a 3-2 series lead. Washington took care of business in Game 6 at home and then proceeded to lay an egg in Game 7 and now yet again Ovechkin has yet to make it past the Conference Semifinals. The question is can Ovechkin deliver in the clutch he didn’t in Game 7? Will whomever takes over coaching next season turn this team into a winner and will Ovechkin finally get a shot at Lord Stanley’s Cup? We will have to wait and see.

Onto the NY Rangers: they play an awfully risking style of Hockey, relying on defense and Henrik Lundqvist to win 1 goal games. They say they are comfortable winning games 3-2 & 2-1. Can they win the Stanley Cup this way??? So far, they have been taken to the limit in the 1st two rounds against Ottawa and Washington. The New Jersey Devils won 4 straight against Philly after dropping game 1. When game 1 of their series against the Rangers starts they will be the rested team. The Rangers played a 3 OT game in the last series, which basically made the last series 8 games. It should be a badass series Conference Rivals squaring off only miles apart from each other. The series will feature a Clash of the Games greatest goalie of all time Brodeur vs. one of the best in the game today in Lundqvist. Who will prevail to have a shot at Lord Stanley’s Cup??? I am going to go with New Jersey in this one.


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