Flyers Hit the Golf Course, Fans Hit Shanahan

By Stevie

The Flyers have gone the way of the Penguins and it came full circle. The Penguins completely melted down against the Flyers in the first round of the playoffs. But in round two, the Flyers resembled the Pens against the Devils.

In game four, Claude Giroux did this:

For this hit (illegal hit, mind you) Giroux served a one game suspension.

Here it is slowed down, where you can see Giroux laying his shoulder into the head of Dainius Zubrus.

Angle #1

Angle #2

Clearly, an illegal hit. And for this fanbase to decry James Neal and Arron Asham needing to be suspended but their player isn’t worthy of suspension for hits to the head is preposterous. (And for the record, MOST Pens fans vehemently SUPPORTED both of those suspensions and some of us felt that they weren’t even enough games!)

I saw someone tweet my favorite argument of all time: “You can’t suspend him! He’s a superstar!”

Wow, I was not aware that superstars were immune to the rules of the game. But, okay.

So, the Flyers shit the bed this week (And for the record, I was cheering for the Flyers to make it to the finals…where I wanted them to lose to the Kings, but I digress). Following the loss, which apparently had nothing to do with the Flyers playing horrible defense or anything play related, fans online exploded.

Take a look…

To say that this is irrational would be the understatement of the century.

Claude Giroux NOT playing is why you lost? Giroux only had 3 points the entire series! He is leading the league still in points for the playoffs only because the Pens melted down. He scored a lot against the Pens, but who didn’t? The only person who didn’t have a goal against the Pens was Peter Laviolette’s mom.

Yes, this playoff season has been awkward.

But Mike Richards and Jeff Carter are sure having a good time!

The Capitals forced a game seven against the Rangers, which will be played on Saturday.

But, as far as I am concerned, I’m all in for the Kings!


3 responses to “Flyers Hit the Golf Course, Fans Hit Shanahan

  1. If we do not count “WTF is happening?” postings I can barely remember any Pens fan posting in my timeline that contained the word “fuck” – not even after we dropped out of the playoffs.

    I also barely remember blaming the refs or somebody but mostly discussions about the performance of the team. Our team. Not the Flyers. About the Flyers I heard mostly “I hate them, but they were better.” And it was true.

    Looking at this It seems to be true and approved – again – that the Flyers fan base is missing some class. Watch your mouth people! You are one of the reasons why I celebrated that our team can hit the golf course now.

    And Giroux was suspended due to an illegal hit to the head. Like he should be and like everybody should who does stuff like that – including Pens players. We suffered from missing Sid, we suffered from missing Letang afer the awful Pacioretty hit. We do not want hits to the head. It is essential for the sport of hockey that suspensions like this happen. Even if it’s the playoffs.

    What now? Let’s go Kings, I guess.

  2. Claude Giroux did something hot-headed, plus flat out irresponsibile. One day he will wear the ‘C’ and he has to learn he sets the tone for the team on ice. I knew the loss would happen, but to blame Shanahan just makes me shake my head.

    • I saw someone say that Shanahan should be in jail for robbery… Does this mean that David Steckle and Victor Hedman should be in jail for the same thing? And Tyler Meyers?

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