The Baseball Dress Code

By Stevie

It’s pretty late in the day to do a game recap from last night’s Pens win (Woo!) so I decided to do another fashion piece since this blog was originally intended to cover both sports and fashion.

With baseball season in full swing, this blog will move to cover baseball once the playoffs are over.

Something that has always struck me as odd is the dynamic between what is culturally/socially acceptable to wear to various sporting events. Hockey and football dictate that you wear your team’s gear/colors. Wearing jerseys of teams not playing are typically frowned upon, unless it is a throwback, the jersey of a former star player, or the jersey of a team no longer in existence (e.g. a Whalers or Nordiques jersey, or a twofer- a Joe Sakic Nordiques jersey). Also, wearing the jersey of anyone on your team who was on the team when they won a championship is generally okay, even if they are no longer a part of that organization.

Baseball though is a different beast. You can literally wear anything to a baseball game and no one will say a word to you or give you an awkward glance. It is such a casual sport and given that it is played in the sweltering summer months, you need to dress for comfort.

Articles of clothing that are acceptable to wear to baseball games:
Hometown team gear
Little league apparel
Jerseys of teams/players not on the field
Plain tshirts and tank tops and jeans/shorts
Skirts and sundresses
Yoga pants/Sweats
Hoodies and jackets of any kind
Apparel from other sports
Basketball jerseys
College sports apparel
No shirt at all
Body paint
Unitards in any color
Any shoes that strike your fancy
Hats from any team, any sport
Okay, any type of hat (as long as it isn’t obstructing the view of the person in front of you)

Basically, you can get away with anything.

Last season, I attended quite a few Pirate games. I can tell you that my outfits varied from game to game, especially depending on the weather. Here are just a few examples of outfits I wore:
Yoga capris, a fitted Pirates t-shirt and running shoes
Jersey knit skirt, beater tank and flip flops (It was literally over 100 degrees out with the humidity)
Jean capris, beater tank and a Victoria’s Secret Pink V neck shirt and running shoes
Unlicensed Pirate t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, capris and flip flops

See? Anything goes. And you never look out of place.

Baseball is truly a game of leisure. There are people who live and breathe the sport and those who are just casual fans/spectators. It is one of the few sports that you can get away with this. The rules of baseball are easy to understand. The game is generally at a slow pace. It is one of the only sports that I consider an actual family sport. It is affordable to take your children and a pretty laid back atmosphere. It’s the perfect date night in the summer months.

To be perfectly honest, this is one of the only sports where I wouldn’t criticize how people are dressed. But, nonetheless, I am going to dish out a few tips for the ladies to help you stay comfortable and not be that one person in the crowd that actually WILL get strange looks and whispers from the people around her.

1. Save the high heels for another night. I mean the Jessica Simpson high heels (4 inch or more). Stadium style stairs/seating plus the fact that beer and tailgating go with baseball games means your stilettos are a broken ankle in waiting. If you don’t want to wearing sneakers or flip flops, pick a pair of wedges or a low heel sandal. Something with some ankle support.

2. Sundresses and skirts are perfectly acceptable. It’s summer. It’s hot. You want clothes that are going to breathe, especially if you’re at a day game and your seats are in the sun. But if you look like you should be at a night club, then you probably belong in a night club.

3. The sun is almost a given for most games. Take your outfit up a notch with sunglasses and a hat. It doesn’t have to be a baseball cap. Rock a bucket/fisherman style hat or a fedora or a straw sunhat if it pleases you.

4. Do you love the pigtails/braids look but never have the occasion to do it? Perfect time to bust it out.

5. This is a great sport to have some fun with face paint and temporary tattoos. Most ballparks have stations where you can have your team’s logo airbrushed on you. It’s not just for kids in a ballpark!

6. Victoria’s Secret has a great line of baseball apparel for all teams. Honestly, some of the Phillies and Rangers gear is amazing, but I’m a Pittsburgh girl so give me the black and gold!

7. Alyssa Milano’s Touch line has great options that aren’t too glittery and bedazzled. Careful though! A lot of her shirts run small! Check the size chart! You can get her gear on Lady Fanatics. They run really affordable shipping deals.

8. Make up girls. If you wear it, it is a good idea to keep it natural. Why? Weather. Save the pornstar-esque smokey eyes for a different activity. Outdoor sports provide plenty of opportunity for sweating or being rained on. Don’t walk away looking like a drowned raccoon.

Remember also, to check the weather prior to dressing for a game, especially what the forecast is going to look like for the duration of the afternoon/evening. Be prepared for the elements!

Some great products to keep on hand depending on the weather:
Sunblock- Keep in mind that overcast weather provides ample opportunity for sunburn!
Chapstick with spf
Towel- useful for hot seats that were baking in the sun or cleaning off your seat after the game resumes from a rain delay
Something to pull your hair back (Hot and sticky from the sun/humidity or to keep from blowing in your face from the wind. No one wants to eat her hair all afternoon!)

Here are some examples of awesome, affordable and comfortable Pirates gear that is catered to a woman’s needs (aka curves)

My biggest complaint about player gear is that it is uncomfortable in a regular cut style. This is perfect. Formed for a woman!

Great vintage look

Here is where I actually start to get critical. This shirt screams: I have no idea what is going on but there are hot guys here. Not judging, just saying…

Let’s Go Bucs!


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