Playoff Traditions

By Jae (@TheDeathmaster)

To try to convince those who are still wandering around bridges this morning after Pittsburgh’s lackluster performance last night in Game 1, I thought I would pose a question to everyone…

What are your Playoff Traditions? We all know that Players won’t shave unless they are eliminated or have won the Stanley Cup, but what about you? Do you do anything special? Do you only watch the games from the same place? Do you decorate your living room? Tell us! We’d love to hear something good this morning to take our minds off of last night.

And go!


2 responses to “Playoff Traditions

  1. That hartnell pick looks like a 3rd grader drew on it… you dope fans are idiot… and Philly wins again. The Sidney crosby era is over… letang can take over his diving skills from here on out…. embarrassment to hockey

  2. Btw, Philly sis exposing letang for his real self… a good d man but nothing more than another mike Greene flash in the pan. You can not win a series with him as your number one d man….

    From Toronto: the knife gets twisted in ur fat pens backs today

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