Game 2

By Letangueray

Tomorrow is a new day. New game. It’s time to clear the air though a bit.

There are those who are thrilled with Sidney Crosby being back and those who are pretty disappointed in the team’s production since he returned. Myself and some friends have privately been discussing this for weeks. (You cannot criticize Sid aloud or the fan police and his fan club will hunt you down and beat you to death.)

In light of last night’s loss, I will be the one to step forward and state my opinion that I am so happy I am not alone in.

Sidney Crosby is hurting the Pens. Now before you come at me with a broken beer bottle, let me explain.

Crosby is not directly hurting the Pens. It is not him per say, but it is what is going on around him and because of him.

This season, this team grew strong without the services of the best player in the world. They learned how to win and how to be successful and it wasn’t just Evgeni Malkin coming into the season in total borscht mode. Secondary scoring has been a huge contributing factor in this season’s success, as well as the talent of Marc-Andre Fleury.

Look at this team. They are all posting career high stats:
Evgeni Malkin- 50 goals
James Neal- 40 goals
Chris Kunitz-26 goals
Pascal Dupuis- 25 goals
Jordan Staal- 25 goals
Matt Cooke- 19 goals
Deryk Engelland- 4 goals, 13 assists, +10
Matt Niskanen-  4 goals, 17 assists, +9
Kris Letang- 10 goals, 32 assists, +21

All career high stats. That is incredible.

Since Crosby returned, the chemistry of the team has been severely disrupted. This is not Crosby’s fault.

My opinion has been since the losing started that based on what we are seeing, Head Coach Dan Bylsma is overcompensating for Sid’s return. I posted some pretty astonishing stats back on March 11th (Read: Beast in the East).

Since the latest winning streak started, the Pens have scored 33 goals, 22 of which came from secondary scoring. Nineteen players have scored. The Pens top line (Neal, Geno, Kunitz) has 26 points. Meanwhile, quietly, Steve Sullivan, Pascal Dupuis and Jordan Staal have earned a collective 31 points in the same time frame.

Put these lines back together. What was wrong with Sid playing with Tyler Kennedy and Matt Cooke? Statistically, since Sid’s return, Cooke and TK produced better with Sid on their line (Read: TK Rage Reaching Top Level).

Reinstate those lines. Things clicked. You had the Golden Ticket.

Additionally, get rid of this disasterous 5-forward power play. Prior to Sid’s return, there were 2 units. Sid can be on the power play, but why is Bylsma exhausting all of his best players running them for 2 minutes at a time? It’s ridiculous. The PP’s success has waned since March 19th.

Keys to success from here on out:

1. Fix the lines.

2. Return to a 2 unit power play.

3. Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit hard. Hit everything in sight.

4. Put Orpik back with Letang. Letang needs to be able to wander to do what he does best. With Niskanen hopefully coming back there is more room to play with the D-pairings. Tanger needs a true, stay-at-home d-man by his side.

5. Do NOT put Michalek and Martin together.

6. Pass the puck and get it to your teammate. No one cares if you can pass it behind your back while doing a triple axle double toe loop. Are you Kenny Wu? No? Then just get the puck where it needs to be.

7. Clear the net. Grind it out. Grind them down.

8. Dump it. Stop putzing around in the neutral zone.

9. Someone needs to be near the net to collect rebounds. No one is ever there it feels like.

A friend and I were talking today and he reminded me of what Herb Brooks said in Miracle: “I’m not looking for the best players, Craig, I’m lookin’ for the right ones.”

This is absolutely true in every single sport. Winning a championship does not mean you have a team with all of the best players. It takes the right combination of players and skills. The Pens have that. Right now, Sidney Crosby in my opinion is not the right player for this team. But that is only because I don’t believe he is being properly utilized. Not because he isn’t a Penguin.

Put him back with Cookie and TK. Stop putting him on the power play with Malkin. Move it to two units and split them up. This is what worked when Sid came back. This team can win the Cup without Crosby. Now they need to figure out how to win it with him.

They don’t need to recreate the wheel here. Get back to what worked and get the win.

And check out this art by my friend Rege. Completely accurate portrayal of Scotty Hartnell. (And for the Flyer trolls, if you read through my blog, you’ll find that I actually like Scott Hartnell, but come on. This is war!)

I’m prepared for the backlash from this blog.


32 responses to “Game 2

  1. Sid also needs to get back to doing what he does best – getting to the side of the net and chipping the puck in. He’s wasted back on the point during a PP. He’s wasted playing with Geno. I’m 100 in favor of putting Sid back on a line with TK and Cookie – that was a great combo. Also, stop the passing on odd man rushes and shoot the goddamn thing – let the others pick up the trash around the net or maybe get a messy goal. We have seen Sid come in multiple times on odd man rushes and pass the puck – only to have the play broken up rather than having a chance at a shot/goal. He was so successful during his run in 2010 because he was shooting more. If you don’t get the puck on net, it’s not going in.

    • also…
      1) get Neal and Kunitz back in front of the net
      2) Keep Geno out there with a strong D man, so when he inevitably tries one too many moves and give up the puck, someone can get back quickly
      3) stop dogging it… when you lose the puck, get back and get control, don’t meander down the ice and hope Flower makes the save(s)
      4) backcheck, FFS

  2. No big surprise here: Please put Sid with Cookie & TK. And yes,please quit dropping passes blindly back to your imaginary teammates. Love the artwork.

    • Hmmm….his drop pass in game 2 scored a goal……so Sid must be doing something right. Why wont you Pitt fans just accept the fact that Pitt is not as good as it appears……they beat crap teams all years. Now you all want to blame the return of crosby and this line and that line…blah blah blah. I remember how one of your FANS stated, “Malkin makes all those around him better players and Stamkos doesn’t do that.” Yes, he was correct…..Malkin seems to have made all the Flyers around him better since he is a -5 in two games. Shit…he was -4 in game two and there were only 5 even strenght goals. He may have scored in regualr season…but his defense SUCKS. Oooohhhh……did you all see when BIG BAD MALKIN came to the rescue of his teammate in Game two and pushed a philly player and then fell flat on his face. What a PUNK and a BITCH……..

      • Oh Tony, the fact that you even read this site and have to comment proves that you don’t know what you’re talking about. What are you doing here?! Are you a Philly fan?! If you’re a true Philly fan, then you know not to open your mouth until all is said and done. You obviously know very little about hockey, yet feel the need to argue with the author of this blog who actually knows more about the game than most analysts. Pick your battles buddy, and if you don’t agree…start your own blog and argue with everyone who comments about how much of a dumb ass you are.

  3. First things first, Mighty Ducks for the win! Maybe we should try the flying V tonight?
    I see this team as Seabiscuit. They get to the lead, and then they inexplicably slow up like they are waiting for the competition! They need to develop a killer instinct, and no line combinations will fix that. With that being said, I loved Cooke riding shotgun with Sid, mostly cause it pissed off the rest of the league, and they were kicking tail and taking names.

  4. No backlash coming from this quarter, girl. I’m with you 100%. I love Sid and I would NEVER say I didn’t want him healthy AND a Penguin, but the boys had it FIGURED OUT without him and were getting it done. Every single one of your suggestions above is ON POINT! The only thing I might suggest to add is this: DB, When you have a lead of ANY sort, DO NOT slip into “Prevent Defense”!!! The only thing that does is PREVENT you from WINNING the game! I hate it when football coaches do it & I’m hating it now when hockey coaches do it! Play 60 minutes, finish your hits & KEEP hitting, and never, EVER give up!!!! Let’s Go Pens!!!!!

  5. I’m so sad that you messed up a picture of my favoprite Flyers player – Perm Hartnell !!! lol

    You made a great point about the lines and I completely agree with the chemistry being out of wack since Crosby’s return but you had to expect that was going to happen. I was happy that they didn’t wait until any later in the season to bring him back because the team and the coaches really needed Sid to play for a while… they just haven’t all figured it out yet. Going back to the Pre-Sid lines and plugging in Sid where guys like Park/Vitale were playing is certainly a remedy but one that Bylsma won’t make.

    I’d be happy just to see Sid manning the 1B PP unit so that a PP unit that was clicking near and plus 20% without Sid can be on the ice together again. We need Special Teams in this series.


  6. GAME 2……you pittsburg people are ridiculous. Yes, I am back…the Philly and Stamkos fan and yes…..your “GREAT ONE” Malkin was -4 tonight. Yeah….what a MFing MVP. He is crap and got lucky with his goals….again….36 of Pitts wins were against NON-PLAYOFF teams (Crappy Teams) and that is where most of Malkins goals came from. Take away the 8 against Tampa and he is average and Stamkos is points leader.

    But, to the point at hand and current events….did any of you Pitt fans see the game tonight? Huh……..looks like you BLEw ANOTHER LEAD….2-0 tonight and I blinked and missed the final….was it like 8-5? Nice…way to defend your own hosue and blow two leads in both games. Absolutely ridiculous and your Pens were the favorites? why cause Malkin scored some poinst against crappy teams or because Crosby came back? You can put picture of philly players on your blog and draw on them and all that silly talk…..but you may want to draw a broom on those pictures cause its gonna be a SWEEP……Clean. Yoru goal tending sucks and your defense can not contain Philly. Not one…but 2 HAT TRICKS in Game two and 2 short-handed goals. Your team and you fans should be ashamed to be so pathetic and arrogant and take such a beat-down in yoru own house. Sad.

    All you Pitt fans talked of how Crosby is the greatest sicne sliced bread and Malkin is the GREAT ONE……now your all blaming Crosby for Pittsburg being a sub-par team. As I stated before….they were school yard bullies in regualr season only really beating crappy teams. Its funny how Crosby has 2 goals and is a plus 1 for two games and Malkin “THE GREAT ONE” has zero goals and -5. I will agree that Crosby has caused an issue with Pitt, but it is not his fault. It is the Arrogance of the team and your coach that is the problem. They think they are the greatest Superstars to play the game and they think they can win with offense. Pitt won its games this year playing defense more than offense and now with Malkin and Crosby…they feel they are the best which after two games….they are not. Giroux has more goals in one game than crosby and Malkin have combined for two games. I think the real starts are on philly……at least they play like a team unlike Pitt with individual efforts. Look at the stats…..Since Crosbys return….your team has given up more goals than ever……35 goals in the past 6 games….OUCH.

    As I stated before…….Philly wins the series and the Superstars join Stamkos on the golf course. Pitt needs a miracle to win the next two games and obviously your coach has no answer. Just saw his press conference and I think he is missing brain cells……sounded like a punching bag idiot…..but thats Pittsburg for you. GO PHILADELPHIA……the best part of PA.

    • Wow man…I don’t even have time to write enough to explain how awful of a fan you are! As much as I hate them, the pens are a great team….this series could definitely go 7. How long have you been a fan of the flyers anyway? Or are you just one when they are doing well? We’re you there when’d urging the 06-07 season when we were one of the worst teams in the league?? Probably not. My guess is you probably ran out and bought a ducks hat. Or, you most likely started following the team during the cup run. Fact of the matter is this…this blog, while geared towards the penguins and their fans, is a neutral blog. What was stated about Crosby and his return is completely accurate, and you would know and understand that if you knew the game. I am one of the biggest flyers fans you will ever meet (ask the author), and in my eyes you are a disgrace to the team and city. Real Philadelphia fans know not to talk shit until its all said and done…we’ve had way too many heartbreaks when it should have been a done deal. And after a huge win like last night, I went on PHILLY sites to read about the game and the stats…I didn’t have to go talk shit to a fan base who was already down to make myself feel like a true fan. Next time when you’re on the computer, check out some hockey sites, learn the game and the rules, and check out some stats…then come back and add some intelligent comments to be involved in the conversation. As far as malkin…he’s a much better overall player than stamkos and i hate the guy!! He doesn’t suck…he’s just being shut down by a monstrous effort by couturier. Learn the game, then get back to us.

  7. Awwww…….I need a tissue……Crosby was like a big cry baby in his press conference. I quote crosby, “Sometimes these things happen.” What are they smokin in the locker room……yeah…things happen……but the same identical thing happens two games in a row on home ice? Afetr game one crosby and the coach stated, “We gave up and let them back in the game and that wont happen again.” Opps……another glass of Liquid momentum please…..cause they let it happen in game two as well. THE GREATEST PART OF GAME TWO WAS THAT THE WINNING GOAL WAS BY THE GREATEST PITT PLAYER……..JAGR. How sweet he must feel….right…….he chose Phiily becuase of what a crap team Pitt is. GO FLYERS………I loved how the fans yell FLYERS SUCK and HARTNEL you suck….awesome.

    • I’m thinking now that tony is actually a closet pens fan who can’t handle the fact he loves he team and probably has a Crosby poster above his bed. This is why I hate talking hockey with people who know nothing about the sport other than what the announcers say during the game.

    • Only thing I can say to you because I have better things to do than ready your 10,000 word essay is to go somewhere else. Write your own blog. No one forces you to come here and agree with me. Not everyone is going to agree with me and I could care less if they do. So enjoy your evening. Thanks for wasting your time. You’re real mature.

      • Typical fan…..poor sport when your team is losing and all arrogant when they are winning. Maybe sunday, it will be cloudy in Philly and you can blame the weather when Pitt loses game 3. You sure didn’t have any issues writing your 50,000 word essay the first time when you were downplaying Stampkos and talking of how that division is CRAPPIE and Malkin was SO GOOD and the division was good…blah blah….why, cause your team was the Cup favorite and you had your arrogance about you and you, in your own words…”WASTED YOUR TIME ” writing a 50,000 word essay on Malkins career and how pitt is so great. Then you jumped on the bandwagon with the other people making they’re comments such as….”That person is a typical hockey fan that doesn’t know anything.” No need to be a poor sport…just admit that your team is only good enough to beat the Crappie teams and divisions and CANNOT compete in they’re own as it is obvious. I lost count, but with the 2 playoff games, philly beat your team 6 out of 7 games this year? Its funny how when you criticizing me, Stamkos, the lightning, and Philly with your artwork of Hartnell…… made your the coolest hockey woman in the world and all your peeps posted along with you. I post equaly criticism, and I am immature. Arrohgant and hypocritical is what you are rather than having fun with the post. You can read them, not read them or ignore thm and not answer….its up to you, but to tell me to go somewhere else….really? No competitive nature in you i guess cause I spoke the truth and it made you unhappy.

        I would bet that if Pitt happens to come back and win the series…….you would waste your time to respond to me then….wouldn’t you…how could you not resist. In closing…..if I had to choose a player for my team…..I choose Stamkos and Jagr over your precious Malkin and Crosby……at least those two have integrity and are hunble and don;t cry like Crosby and Malkin…..babies.

        This is alot of fun:) Its a nice break from my everyday life to take a few minutes out and write to you and your peeps. I like it. JAGGRRRRRR is the greatest.

        • Really? What exactly is the point of your rambling? News flash: Torts was right in that players don’t have respect for each other in the league nowadays. Crosby and Malkin may not be the cleanest players but I don’t see halos hanging over Giroux or Hartnell’s heads either. From what I could tell reading this post, she was making points about how the Pens needed to improve their game, not tearing down Philly like you seem so hell bent on tearing down Pittsburgh. Classy act you are there. Its almost a compliment that you’re on here — you care enough to take time out of what I’m sure is an incredibly busy day for you of eating cheese steaks and reminiscing about the good old days of 1975 that you come on here and talk smack about the Penguins. Try to take it easy, wouldn’t want you to get all winded before tomorrow’s game and you weren’t able to celebrate what you think is going to be an easy Flyers win (talk to the Canadiens about going up 2-0 on the Bruins last year and then the Bruins demolishing everyone…including the Flyers if I remember correctly…on the way to the Stanley Cup). This series isn’t over yet.

          Oh, and by the way, learn to spell, or at least learn to use spell check on your browser or something — it makes you look like a ridiculous and uneducated idiot when you TRY to make a point but can’t even spell simple words correctly.

          • I have yet to talk shit on anyone on the Flyers this entire series…and aside from Zac Rinaldo, I have yet to talk shit on a Flyer this season PERIOD. I hold my own team accountable. They lost as a team. I just don’t care to read through pages of someone’s nonsense who is going to troll around here and snap out no matter what I say, no matter what stat I post. I could put an “I Love the Flyers” banner at the top of this fucking page and he’d STILL complain about something and try to be holier than thou. If he actually took the time to read this site, he’d see pictures of me in a Claude Giroux shirt, see that I RESPECT the Flyers. That I actually LIKE the Flyers. That I have written blogs PRAISING their rookies. That I am objective, have called out my own team and said they deserved their suspensions, that they have played poorly, have blown games and have needed to improve. He’s an idiot.

            And this is all because I think that Malkin is a better player than Stamkos. He is. Stamkos may be a pure sniper and he is one hell of a goal scorer. Extremely proficient at that skill. But it is MY OPINION that Malkin is the better PLAYER. But instead of leaving well alone, this loser feels the need to preach when what he really should do is write his own damn blog if he has so much to say. I’m not a sore winner or a sore loser and all of my friends who are fans of other teams KNOW this about me. I just have zero patience for incompetence of someone who is so CLEARLY a SORE WINNER.

            Two of my very close and dear friends are Flyers fans and you know what one of them texted me after the game? Not “haha fuck you you suck.” He texted me thing like “Hey tomorrow when your head is clear, can we talk about what you thought of the game? I’d like your opinion.”

            Because THAT is the type of fan I am.

            • My brother-in-law is a Flyers fan too, and the only comment I have made about the Flyers this post-season is making fun of Bryz and his “bears in the forest” comment. Its ridiculous. Jealousy is a disease, I can only hope that he gets well soon.

            • Letangueray…….I will officailly apologize to you. I have been shit talking and sadly, you and many others on here have taken it personal for some reason and that is has made posting even more fun since I can antagonize and irritate. To You I APOLOGIZE and did not mean to offend you in any way. It is all about shit talking. Yes, I will be honest that I do not like Pittsburg, Crosby, Malkin, and many other players and I will agree that Philly is not the best players. The difference is that players like Hartnell know how to taunt Pitt into playing and fighting dirty which is uncalled for. The last 2 regular season meetings and playoffs had too many unneccessary Pitts hits trying to injure players such as the Knee to Grossman and the hit on defenseless Briere. Game 3 crosscheck to the throat and punch to the back of the head was uncalled for……that entire game got out of hand even though it was good to watch.

              Again, this has not been a personal attack on anyone. It has been one fan taunting others all in good fun. At the end of the day…..I am a regualr person and the outcome of a hockey game does not affect my life in the least. Its all fun and all good.

              • That’s fine.

                Please go read my post from last night and then come back and have a rational discussion. I’d be happy to have you stick around if we can talk for real.

                • I read your post and that is one of my complaints. I will say that Philly is not the cleanest and most composed team…..but they have retraned themselves this series. I guess that is what I like about the Lightning and Coach Guy Boucher…..they stay composed and humble…win or lose. I will stop antagonize and try to logically post if I feel the need:) I had my fun. I was wrong to attack your post from the start though. I honestly never saw philly beating PItt this way just as im sure noone did. Pitt was favored and they are good…i wont discredit them….but win with integrity and admit your loss. Don’t have a press conference and say philly got some lucky breaks and so on…..Crosby has a press conference and States publicly that he doesn’t like anyone on the flyers…..that is crazy….keep it to yourself. Its sad, that Pitt is beating themselves and Crosby is not acting as the Captain he should be. He needs to be composed. I cannot stand Ovechkin….but when he needs to shine as a Captain, he does and lifts his team. Crosby’s attitude is hurting Pitt. This should have gone at least 6 or 7 games. It still may, but the odds are in Philly’s favor at this point.

          • I took it easy and Shazzzam……another freakin easy Flyers win…..another 8 goals.and another comeback. Your backup goalie gave up a goal in the first 26 seconds…lol. Yeah…i’m uneducated so let me use spell check…I went to Duquesne University and University of Penn… i must be an uneducated idiot because spell-checking a blog where I am messing around is important in life. Well slick….You can’t compare Pittsburg to last years Bruins…..not even close. Secondly, the Bruins almost lost to Tampa in Game 7..they won by 1 goal in the conference finals….so they didn’t demolish everyone and the Canadiens are not the Flyers of this year. Heck, Tampa Bay beat the hell out Pittsburg last year in round one. Lastly slick, research before you talk out your ass……the Flyers didn’t play the Bruins last year since they got swept in round one by the Sabres. So, I do remember correctly, but obviously you do not. I guess your too busy worrying about your spelling and didn’t take the time to actually worry about last years stats…..typical one sided fan that only knows Pittsburg, yet you don’t talk about last years round one loss. I’m not wasting my time……I type here while I am home watching your team get beat and I enjoy getting you so-called fans rialed up and there is always one of you replying…….so its fun for me to upset or piss off Pitt fans. I should maybe be afraid though since you may pull my hair like your hockey team does……what grown ass men pull hair during a fight?

            • Are you REALLY a Flyer fan? Or do you just have subjective memory loss from the Bruins sweeping you in the playoffs last year after you went 7 with Buffalo (and won).


              I’ll compare the Penguins to any damn team I want to, except for the Flyers because then I would be insulting the Penguin organization and putting them to shame. Not every game is going to be a dominating game, but the Bruins were clearly the best team in the East last year. Plain and simple. They had a rock in Tim Thomas, which is what you need to make a deep playoff run. I don’t see Bryz or Fleury as that rock for either team this season. So, even if the Flyers do beat Pittsburgh, I don’t know how far he’ll take them. Not noticing anyone talking about Vancouver’s collapse and being down 3-0 to the Kings….

              Oh, and congrats on your degrees from Duquense and U of Penn…still does not make it any better that you can’t spell and have trouble laying out simple arguments without tearing someone down in the process. Try having an educated and civil discussion about this playoff series and maybe I’ll listen.

              And, just so I can be a fair and balanced Pens fan: Asham and Neal both deserve suspensions for their hits yesterday. A fine isn’t enough in this case. Given what Shanahan has done (nothing with Weber, 1-5 games with other playerswho aren’t stars) I don’t know how Neal’s is going to play out. There’s no room for defending what they did on the ice. As for Adams’ hair pulling–I think its automatically a 1 game suspension. I’m really curious as to see whats gonna go down on Wednesday night…how many fights and runs at players will be made and game misconducts and if they’re going to be playing Penguin skill hockey or Flyer physical hockey.

        • Everyday life=posting Craigslist ads for little boys. How old are you tony? Are you a true fan? Can you name the players on our (the flyers) fourth line? Probably not. I’m sure you have issues trying to pronounce our goalies name too. The author isn’t getting defensive…she’s simply stating how much of a waste you are. I agree. But I’m sure you get pretty bored in your moms basement. I really wanna know more about you…you seem so interesting!

          • Well, Joe….this is personal. If your in Philly, your a typical dumb ass. I am a grown man having fun taunting people. You must be really cool to memorize lines and I beat you had your kids or mom break down the goalies name so you gan pronounce it in syllabals…..Bryz-gal-ov. None of this concered you, but I am glad you got involved. I have been a Flyers fan since the mid 70’s if you really want to know. I was watching games when Lindross ruled the ice. Memorize your lines and keep your stats cause your comments mean nothing to me. Obviously, I cannot compete with someone that uses the “IN YOUR MOMS BASEMENT” comment.

            • Hey you said it pal…a grown man having fun taunting people. I am from Philly, yes. The reason I’m here is because this blog is written by a friend of mine, and although we butt heads about the flyers and penguins, I know that they are very knowledgable about the game of hockey. When I see someone questioning their knowledge and opinion, especially someone from Philly who is giving my fan base a bad name, I have to say something. You made yourself look like and idiot, not me. Oh, and it’s “Lindros”, not “Lindross”. But I’m sure you knew that.

  8. On behalf of all us flyers fans, and humanity in general, I want to apologize to this site, it’s author, the readers, and society as a whole for “Tony”. This is the type of “fan” who gives the real fan base a bad name.

    • Yeah……cause you flyers fans in Philly are so perfect. You have the reputation of the most hated fans and biggest assholes. Philly had the only football stadium with a jail. The winter classic fans attacked innocent fans. All I can say, is when I go to hockey games where I am and Philly comes to visit, it brings out the rudist and drunkest assholes. Hence one of the reasons I moved from Phily to get away from stupidity…….but I guess part of it is still in me. Go ahead and kiss everyones ass Joe……I am sure your best friend is from the internet.

      • Good lord…you hate Philly fans and the city, yet talk shit when they win. You hate the pens yet live…in or near Pittsburgh…?! Who are you a fan of?! Let me guess…you got harassed at a flyers game for wearing your jersey which you spelled Lindros wrong on, threw a fit, and moved away. And now you probably rock your “Stamckose” jersey….
        And enough with the “Philly fans are awful”; typical comments from someone who could only dream of their fan base having even half the passion for the game as us. Some drunk ass holes from JERSEY beat up a guy, and that’s philly’s problem….give me a break.

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