Tortorella Fined for Outburst, Orpik not to Serve Suspension

By Letangueray

If it isn’t on thing this week with news related to the Penguins it’s another.

The NHL fined Rangers Head Coach John Tortorella $20,000 for his outburst following the Pens game last night. Fans of the Flyers and Rangers (and apparently their players and coaches) believe that the Pens are a bunch of whiners and are arrogant, however the only whining coming from anyone this week is from the opposing organizations. (And let’s not forget the class and composure of Flyers Head Coach Peter Laviolette and his stick breaking and his $10,000 fine.)

Tortorella was fined $30,000 for comments directed at criticizing the referees for their performance during the Winter Classic. So forgive me if I am completely off base here, but he is pointing the finger at Sidney Crosby for crying to the refs when his team’s Captain Ryan Callahan spent quite a good bit of last night complaining and he was fined himself for complaining… man I wish I had $50,000 to piss away because I felt like a good ol’ whine fest.

Brooks Orpik will not serve a suspension for the knee on knee contact with Derek Stepan. Fans are saying that this is favoritism toward the Penguins. Explain to me how? Let’s use some logic, shall we?

If Orpik has to serve a suspension for that, then Mike Rupp should have served one for his knee-on-knee contact that put Jordan Staal out of the game for a month (Derek Stepan returned to action last night, as I recall).  The reaction from Staal wasn’t “Rupp is a dirty player.” It was more along the lines of “Come on, this is Rupper. I’m sure he didn’t mean it.” Same. Exact. Hit.

Also, can we please stop with “The Pens are dirty! They employ Matt Cooke!” First of all, Matt Cooke was NOT the last player to come into contact to put Marc Savard out of commission. Matt Cooke also served one of the longest suspensions in recent league history for being a “repeat offender” and the Penguins issued a statement SUPPORTING the league’s decision to make Cooke serve out the suspension. Cooke has changed his game and has been almost angelic this season.

Tweet of the Day

The Matt Cooke argument is bunk. Shut up about it. (And for the record, Pens fans supported the league’s decision because we hoped it would send Cooke the right message. Our outrage is that that same standard has not been applied to other repeat offenders. Hi, Flyers! Didn’t you employ Dan Carcillo?? He’s been suspended HOW many times in his career? I believe we are now at 11 total suspensions and fines.) Oh, and let’s not forget your new kid, Zac Rinaldo. Man, he is a clean player. I believe he gave one of OUR players a concussion earlier this season and didn’t even have a hearing for a high hit to the head on open ice. Yeah. No cheap shotters on your team either. (I wrote about Rinaldo here. But just to show you how objective I can be, here is a blog I wrote PRAISING your other rookies.)

Also, Kris Letang and Deryk Engelland have served suspensions for the Pens this season and James Neal and Jordan Staal paid fines. I actually believe that Staal should have been suspended for his hit on the Flyer’s Braydon Coburn. I also supported and called for Zbynek Michalek serving a suspension for his hit on Alexander Ovechkin (which he did not serve a suspension for).

And for Pete’s sake, James Neal paid a fine for high-sticking PK Subban, one of the dirtiest players in the league. But the reason he high sticked him was because he stick swung up because he was being slew footed!!! And Penguins Head Coach Dan Bylsma issued a statement in full support of the fine because Neal needs to keep control of his stick at all times. (You can see the incident here.)

Spare me your claims of whiners and arrogance. Even Sidney Crosby issued a statement today admitting that when he came to the league, he gave the refs a hard time but has since corrected his actions as he matured as a player. (You can read his comments on the Pens Report from today, here.)

If the Pens wanted to complain about anything, it should be the blatant disregard for Matt Cooke’s safety that has been displayed this season by the league. Wanna see someone get head shotted and no one ever serves a penalty? Here’s some videos. And not a peep from Cooke or the Pens on this.

Every single team hits dirty. Every single team complains to the refs to try and sway the game their way. Every fan base boos and tries to influence the game. Every single coach freaks out now and then. This is not a new phenomenon in the NHL. This will always go on and the two teams complaining about it the most this week are not immune to this and neither are the Pens. (Montreal Typical, eh?)

Keep the insults coming. We are loving it here in Pittsburgh.

Oh and edit to note: Thank you to the @PensKnittngLady for having this sign behind Torts the whole game! Stevie would be me! ❤ And thank you to reader Laurie for the photo!

This one I took. But thanks to everyone who brought this to my attention!


18 responses to “Tortorella Fined for Outburst, Orpik not to Serve Suspension

  1. everyones just trying to complain and get the officials on their side and draw attention to themselves

  2. Yeah, I am sure the purveyor of this site is a real looker. Why is it that pesudo sprts fans can never see the hyocrisy in their own backyeard? I am a Ranger fan and always realized that Sean Avery was a borderline player with a pechant for the absurd. Now, this high heeled broad is going to defend Crosby and Malkin with her revisionist, albeit limited acumen. Give me a break Rhonda or whatever your name is. Keep your yap closed and wash your husbands socks.

      • Because Kelly, didn’t you know that you have to be ugly to know about sports. He missed the point of this all which is that seriously…what team in this league doesn’t have people who dirty hit and complain to refs. Name me one. Name me one team.

        • I disagree with you. There is a difference between playing a hard-nosed, hard-hitting (clean) style of hockey as opposed to the Matt Cooke style. Granted, this season Cooke has substantially curbed his enthusiasm for reckless, irresponsible, unnecessarily stupid and dangerous hits against opponents, but unfortunately he will be most remembered for the damage he DID inflict. Why did it take the Penguins organization so long to send a message to him? Not until he repeatedly, year after year, took liberties with opponents did the organization come down on him. By that time he was in the NHL spotlight as the poster boy for “dirty.” Lastly, Sidney Crosby = dirtiest player in the league who never gets punished. If he has a large bullseye on his helmet, there is good reason for it. Go on YouTube and type in “Sidney Crosby dirty hits” to get the full gist of this. I actually feel bad for him these days. I do not wish head injuries upon any athlete and I truly hope he recovers completely from the misery he endured this past season (post-concussion syndrome). But he entered the league acting entitled, gave new meaning to the word “dive,” and he showed no respect for the veterans or the game. Now that he has matured a bit he is living to regret the actions of his first few seasons. Instead of being celebrated as one of the greatest hockey players, many people will remember him for complaining to referees, diving to get a penalty call, and pathetic attempts to try to injure the stars on other teams instead of dropping his gloves.

          • I don’t think he is the dirtiest player in the league, but I agree with most of what you have said and appreciate that unlike a slew of other people, that you have come to the site to have a calm and informed debate.

            I have admitted myself in another blog on here that Sid did complain and dive during his early years and Pens fans know this. But, he is still the Captain of our team and because of that and the wonderful things he has done for our city, of course we are going to defend him. We’ve watched him grow as a player.

            Another star who has gotten away with dirty plays his whole career? Ovechkin. He leaves his feet ALL THE TIME when he hits, but the response to this is always “well that’s just how Ovi plays” instead of “Hey, this guy needs to change his style of play.”

            The whole Michalek thing, whatever Shanahan saw, I saw something different. I have a few blogs around here on my issues with that guy and what he “sees” and doesn’t see league wide, and yes, even with our own guys.

  3. Very well written. And yes, there is not a single team that doesn’t make dirty and questionable plays. Plus we see whining players all the time questioning their penalties. That guys use of words he probably doesn’t know the definitions of… Is not impressive. Really???

  4. Hey

    revisionist, albeit limited acumen? Do you even know that those big words mean? Keep trolling from your parents basement and jerking off to your Mark Messier posters. This is a very well written blog, and I’m not going to sit here with your sexist opinion. I will gladly meet you at a game at Consol when the rangers come to town in the 2nd round and you can meet “rhondas husband” up close and personal. What about Adam Graves? He wasnt dirty? You are a joke man. Keep your comments to yourself, and continue touching yourself for getting Brad Richards.

  5. Wait, let me get this straight, you said that believe the Pens don’t get special treatment, but shortly after that you said “I also supported and called for Zbynek Michalek serving a suspension for his hit on Alexander Ovechkin (which he did not serve a suspension for).” So, there were no suspensions for penalties which there should have been? Isn’t that a bit contradictory?

    You also mentioned Neal being fined for high sticking PK, when he was slew footed. Did you mean like the time that Crosby slew footed Callahan at center ice and Callahan got the penalty? This was definitely not the first example of the “lapse in judgment” by the refs in Crosby’s favor. Could it be a coincidence all the calls that were, and were not, made in his favor? I guess it’s technically possible. Is the league trying to protect the new face of the league? He’s young, talented and will definitely bring more fans to the game. My money is on the latter.

    Tortortella got fined for speaking his mind. Nothing that he said was inaccurate. Yes, I definitely agree that every team has someone that complains. That in and of itself is not a bad thing. But the frustration comes into play with the hypocrisy. Crosby has been seen as a complainer throughout his career. Let’s face it, he is one. Yet, he has also been guilty of several dirty plays himself, which he has not been penalized for. The “I can do it, but you can’t” arrogance that he has is the reason why non-Pens fans dislike him so much.

    • Every team this season has gotten away with dirty hits. They’ve gotten away with them during games against the Pens and other games I’ve watched throughout the season. I don’t see this is as special treatment. I see it as a lack of consistency. I’ve complained in other blogs about other teams not getting calls that should have been and other players in non-Pens games not getting suspended. (I mean come on. Shanahan admitted that he watched Torres head shot people for 3 games before suspending him!)

      • Yes teams get away with dirty hits, but the fact that its one or two players constantly getting away with them is the problem. Lets look at an example. Holmstrom from tge wings takes the biggest beating out of anyone and none of it gets called. Now if you put crosby in that position, you wouldnt be able to go 30 seconds without a whistle. Its obvious that crosby gets special treatment

  6. The thing that annoyed me was people saying the League favors the Pens SPECIFICALLY because Lavy and Torts were fined for “saying mean things” about the Penguins…That couldn’t be further from the truth…Given the League doesn’t really tell us WHY they were fined,I think its safe to say Lavy was fined for SWINGING A STICK at people,and Torts was fined for saying if things had been the other way around,the refs would or wouldn’t have made certain calls…They weren’t fined for trashing the Pens,they were fined,in Lavy’s case,for blatant unnecessary violence and in Torts’ case,for questioning the League’s integrity(something he’s done already this calender year)…So any arguments otherwise are completely invalid…Then again,I could just be talking out of my ass because I cheer for this arrogant and gutless team…Bunch of goons…

  7. I’m not a fan of The Penguins or Rangers…and no not the Flyers either. I’m a hockey fan who felt your comments were blinded by your team colors. I can see you’re either just a arrogant homer or you have never played ice hockey in your life. I ll keep it simple for you. Orpik realizes that Stephan (spelling?) is gonna beat him outside. Orpik makes the decision to swing his leg to make contact with Stephan. Orpik missed his check, and swung his leg. That does not happen by accident. He had to make a split decision on whether let him go or not. Also Matt Cooke ruined Sarvards career. Sarvard came back a year later, to only suffer the softest concussion I ever saw. He was damage goods before his last hit. Bottom line they should have suspended Orpik. And yes I think Brendan Shanahan favors the super stars in Pittsburg.

    • Matt Cooke did not ruin Savard’s career. Savard had a history of concussions that were not properly treated. Was Cooke a contributing factor? Yes. But the negligence of his team and himself for not speaking up about having a concussion put his career in jeopardy. He had 4-5 concussions PRIOR to the Cooke hit. Hunwick was the last hit that took him out of hockey. I didn’t say that Cooke bares no responsibility, but he wasn’t the only thing that caused this. Savard has personal responsibility in this as for not reporting concussions as do the doctors that released him to play before he was ready.

      If the league favors the Pens, then why were David Steckel and Victor Hedman not punished for their hits on Sid?

      I wrote in the blog previous to this one that the Orp hit looked questionable. From one angle it looked bad, from another it looked clean. Even MSG said that the hit was clean.

      Read through my blog and you will find out exactly how objective I am. There are links within this blog leading you to posts where I call out the Pens.

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