Hockey Fan Confessions: Part 5, The Twittersphere

By Letangueray

We received a lot of response on Hockey Fan Confessions. I didn’t want them to all go to the wayside, so here is a collection from some of the emails that were received.

@SousLeRadar – Amber

Huge fan of everything Penguins, but I have a confession. I’ve been going to Hershey Bears games and I love it. I even have a jersey. At

Amber's Hersey Bears Jersey

first I wasn’t sure if I could wear it, with the Caps logo on the sleeve, but…

I’m the one who introduced my best friend Kevin to hockey last year, mainly because he got HBO and I wanted to watch 24/7. haha Now, he’s hooked. We only live about 30 minutes from Hershey, so it made sense to have him take in his first game there. He was so excited. He called me that night after the game and said he bought tickets for another game as soon as he got home. We are going back on April 7th. He picked up second row seats for that night. We’ve even decided to get season tickets next year. So, even though this team is affiliated with the hated Caps, it’s a great organization and tons of fun.
@ lilq824- Lamar

I’m a hockey fan from Virginia. One of my closes friends(who’s partially responsible for me getting into hockey when I did) is a Caps fan. So naturally, my favorite hockey team is the Washington Capitals, right?  No! That couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m a huge PITTSBURGH PENGUINS fan. Jordan Staal and Marc-Andre Fleury are my favorite players..not just in Pittsburgh..but the entire NHL.

Though the Penguins are my favorite team, there are tons of other players and teams that I like, but for the sake of time, I’ll just name a few. The Oilers, Ducks, Predators, and Hurricanes are the 4 non-Penguins teams that I enjoy watching and I make it a point to watch their games when they’re nationally televised. My reasons for liking those teams mostly center around the likes Jordan Eberle, Corey Perry(and Teemu,of course), Pekka Rinne, and Jeff Skinner. There are plenty of other players that I enjoy watching…but again…for the sake of time…Also a quick shout-out to my local AHL team the Norfolk Admirals for winning 18 straight. Go team! Go hockey! Go Pens!

@HF_Steve- Steve

I am a fan of Jonathan Toews. I like him because a girl from Chicago said that I look like him and that girls in Chicago love him.  Also he plays with one of my all time favorite players in Marian Hossa (like that he’s a balanced player) and captained Chicago to the cup over Philly.

@gottaloveallyk – Ally from California

The first time I really watched hockey was when the Penguins won the Stanely Cup in 2009, and ever since then they have been my favorite team even though I was still not an avid hockey fan. So the Pens were always in the bacck of my mind. The big turning point was the 2010 Olympics, in which I was cheering for Canada because my family is from there. It happened overnight basically, I fell in love with the sport and the Penguins with the more I found out and discovered about them. Like how they’re all goofballs (thank you HBO 24/7) but at the same time they work hard and know what it takes to win. Another little thing I like about the Pens is how every player has a nickname; and if you yell at the TV when they’re playing like I find myself doing a lot then I usually use their full names and I sound like a scolding parent. The way they play the game is always with the will to win, the way it’s supposed to be played. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re cute 🙂

@SandiJ1982- Sandi

Hello, my name is Sandi. I am from Miami but I love the Pittsburgh Penguins. It started in 1996 when I was taken to a game. It was the Florida Panthers against the Pittsburgh Penguins. I remember my friend’s dad telling me about Mario Lemieux. I have never seen someone play that way before. I was hooked on hockey. My friend’s dad started taking me to more games and some of it was at the Mellon Arena. I have never fell in love with a sport like I did with hockey. So since 1996, I have been a fan of The Pittsburgh Penguins. I have been there with them through all the ups and down and will continue to support my team.

Now a player that I love is Ryan Kesler. I have been a fan of his since the Olympics. He has skills and talent and it doesnt hurt that he is handsome. I have enjoy watching him play and I really did wanted him to win the Stanley Cup. This man has talent and skills that is just amazing.


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