Hockey Mom Diaries: Day 4

By Letangueray

One month of hockey lessons down, three more classes to go. I don’t think Jordan will be ready to move to Level 2 lessons based on his progress, but again, he is still young. I am enrolling him back at Ice Castle into their level 2 ice skating lessons. He will begin on April 7th (ok, he will actually miss the first week because we already have Pirate tickets for that day haha!) He can skate there on Saturdays and retake Level 1 hockey school at Mt. Lebanon on Tuesdays or Thursdays then.

My logic here is that he will have: 1. more time on the ice with people who can teach him to skate better than I can and 2. more practice  at growing in strength with his skating while still being able to scrimmage with the other kids on hockey school nights.

He loves to scrimmage with the other kids. I don’t want him to lose that. He is enjoying himself. Do I want him to be a stronger skater? Yes. He is going to need to be if this is something he chooses to do and I am simply not equipped with my mediocre skating skills to help him catch up to the other kids in his class.

Additionally, Jordan is starting to really want to play with other kids, so this is a great way for him to make more friends and socialize more since he is an only child.

This week, I found out exactly which parents I can have a pleasant conversation with and who I cannot. Still the mom from week 1 is nice enough to chat with and one other dad is. When the kids were taking the ice last night, I mentioned to one dad as our kids were falling all over the ice that I wished they would resurface the ice between the classes because the kids are falling so much. The ice is a damn mess. He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language and then walked away.

Thanks. Rude.

My dad came with me this week. We laughed at the insanity on the ice. It is funny. If one kid falls, every kid falls. It’s a complete domino effect. They don’t even have to touch one another and down they all go! It’s adorable.

Jordan had another goal opportunity, but someone plucked the puck from him  before he could turn to shoot. I’m not sure why, but when they divided the kids up into scrimmage teams, Jordan was placed with kids 3-4 years older than him. He ended up with ice time with the younger kids too though, which sadly is when the incident happened.

Mr. Department of Player Safety who lectured my so back on week one’s kid apparently is taking hockey lessons from Brad Marchand. He is playing in the School of Hard-knocks at 5 or 6 years old, intentionally tripping other kids with his stick in order to get the puck off of them. Really? My dad and I watched him do it once. But then it happened again and my dad piped up and said “Who’s kid is that? I watched him do it twice.” So he and the kid’s dad got into it for a moment.

After practice, the guy did make his son issue an apology to Jordan for tripping him. He gave him a “Now, so-and-so, we don’t trip other players” speech. It was really touching *sarcasm*. Where does a 6 year old learn to do that? What coaches are letting him do this? (Or parents).

Kids that young shouldn’t know how to play dirty… just doesn’t jive. I’ve seen him act questionably quite a few times, both on and off the ice. Based on his dad cheering for him during practice like he is trying to win Olypmic Gold during hockey SCHOOL, not even a game, I’d say this guy has glory days written all over him.

This is supposed to be fun. My son is having fun and that’s all that matters to me at the end of the day. It shouldn’t be ruined because other kids are being taught that lessons are competitive.


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