The Springfield Slaughter

By Jae: (@TheDeathmaster)

Being a fan of the Enforcer role, I always love to see a good fight during a hockey game. Some people affectionately call these players Goons, but I see them as an important part of the game. Not every fight is desirable, and sometimes it leaves you wondering just what exactly that player was thinking. Some people believe that there isn’t a place for fighting in hockey anymore, but I couldn’t disagree more. Sometimes simply having one of the toughest players in the league is enough…and sometimes it isn’t. Yesterday afternoon in Springfield, Massachusetts, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton  Penguins winger, Steve “Big Mac” MacIntyre showed just what happens when The Code isn’t followed.

At the 6:00 Minute Mark of the 2nd Period, Springfield Defenseman Greg Amadio decided to pick a fight against WBS Right Winger Geoff Walker in what was clearly a mix and match type of brawl. Walker isn’t a stranger to penalty minutes but they usually aren’t from Fighting Majors. Walker currently for the season has 94 PIM’s in 54 games, while Amadio has 77 PIM’s in only 22 games. Watching the game on AHL Live yesterday, it looked like a very uneven fight and was over just ask quickly as both players fell to the ice after Amadio unloaded several quick bombs. Penguins winger, Steve MacIntyre stood up from the bench, outraged, and began to chirp back and forth with Amadio.

At the 17:42 Minute Mark, Penguin Steve MacIntyre received his chance and tried to avenge Geoff Walker with challenging Greg Amadio to a more fair fight. Surprisingly, Amadio refused to answer Mac’s challenge which further enraged him and lead to an all out Broad Street style brawl. MacIntyre kept antagonizing Amadio with a few cheap shots until the entire Springfield line intervened and tried to aid Amadio. MacIntyre took on everyone, and I do mean everyone! No one was safe. Forwards. Defencemen. Goalies. Referee’s. Mac took a little bit of everyone on the ice.

When the smoke cleared, MacIntyre had left the ice with a 2:00 minute Minor Penalty for Cross Checking, a 5:00 minute Major Penalty for Elbowing, and a 10:00 minute Match Penalty for Attempt/Deliberate Injury and a Game Misconduct. I guess that goes to show that you don’t pick a fight with the wrong person, and then decline a fight to the right one.

One final thought: Who is going to protect Sidney Crosby? I believe I have an answer. I’ll even goes as far as to say that I bet you a dollar that MacIntyre wouldn’t have to throw a single punch. He’d just have to dress. Agree or disagree, it sure would be fun to see every team’s reaction!


3 responses to “The Springfield Slaughter

  1. On another note…the Springfield announcer said “Steve MacIntyre” so many times that it would be a marathon drinking game to keep up with that.

    “Bubba, he said it again! DRINK!”

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