#Sherobucks Game: 1/22/12 ONE WEEK LEFT!

One week left of #Sherobucks! One final push. It is anyone’s game! Remember two players are each going to win 2 tickets each to  a Pens game! There  is also tons of other Pens merch up for grabs: calendars, tshirts, 24/7 DVD, and more.

Since this is a lot of photos, please email to heelsandhockey@gmail.com by end of day Sunday (due to the revised gametime). Include your Twitter handle in the email please!

1. If you are AT THE GAME, you can meet up with @PensRYourDaddy and @PensKnittngLady either during pre-game warm-up or the during intermission. Take a photo with them. Send me it. They are sitting in 107, row A, seats 13 & 14 – on the aisle bordering 108. Please do NOT attempt to get your points during game play. 50 #Sherobucks.

2. Send me a picture of  the following items for 15 points per item. They MUST be yours. Please use “High Heels & Hockey” sign for proof.

ice skates
hockey stick
hockey cards
Ice Time Magazine from a game
hockey puck

Everything due by midnight tonight! Thank you!


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