Thank You 2011 for Geno on Twitter

If there is one thing that Pittsburgh Penguins fans who are into social media are grateful for in 2011, it is Evgeni Malkin joining Twitter. If you aren’t following Geno, well, who are you following? @Malkin71_ if you don’t have him yet.

I figured the best way to kick off a new year of hockey would be to recap some of our favorite Geno moments via the Twittersphere. So here are some of the tweets that sent Pens fans into absolute Malkamania.

From PensRYourDaddy

1. Geno tells Pittsburgh to take the day off.

2. We are introduced to Geno’s cat, Dixi.

3. Geno spends Halloween with one of our other favorite Penguins centers.

4. Geno jokingly chirps a bit with Paul Bisonette.

5. Geno attends the Foo Fighters concert.

6. Geno gets all of Pittsburgh talking about the biology of tomatoes.

7. Geno scares the crap out of the Pens fan base by spacing out the timing of these two tweets.

8. Geno and the Pens sign this awesome aircraft.

9. Geno understands as well of the rest of us Pittsburgh weather patterns.

10. And the one that made us all fall in love with him, Geno goes to the Pitt football game.


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