#Sherobucks Games: Christmas Weekend

In the holiday spirit, we will run a few games. One for tonight’s game and then some other games through the rest of the weekend. I won’t be around for the next three days due to family commitments, but will ensure that everyone is properly credited. I unfortunately will not be able to watch tonight’s game either, but we will still play for tonight.

Here are your games for the weekend:

12/23/11: Game Night– Pens vs Jets. Please leave your game responses in the comments section below with your answer and Twitter handle. Any answers that are time stamped after 8:30pm (puck drop) will not be accepted.

1. Name 3 players for the Pens who will have points tonight. – 10 Sherobucks for each player you guess correctly

2. How many total shots on goal will the Pens have? Come within 3 shots to win points.- 10 Sherobucks

All Weekend:

You will have until midnight on Monday to turn this in since I know people are busy with plans for the holiday. Please email me pictures of the following items (please try to get this all into one email) for 25 Sherobucks each. heelsandhockey@gmail.com

1. Picture of your Christmas tree. Please have a “High Heels & Hockey” sign in the pictures so I know it is your tree.

2. Picture of any Pens gear that you get from Santa. Please have a “High Heels & Hockey” sign in the picture. I am using the honor system here and trusting that the items are brand new!

3. Picture of your Christmas dinner. Nom nom nom!

4. Picture of Christmas cookies. (Please, pictures of cookies that are in your house/relative/friends house! Honor system.)

5. Picture of you under mistletoe (High Heels & Hockey sign please!)

If you do NOT celebrate Christmas, please by all means adjust this for the holiday that you do celebrate! I will make sure you get your points.

Thank you everyone and have a very Merry Christmas!


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