The Stahl/Staal Story

Last month, I purchased a Gunnar Stahl Team Iceland shirt, from the movie D2: The Mighty Ducks. (Yes, I realize I still have to do my post on fictional hockey players. That may be this website’s gift to the readers.) My son immediately knew that it was a hockey shirt. He calls it my “Viking hockey shirt.” I told him the player is Gunnar Stahl. He asked “Like Jordan Staal?”

And so, the story of Gunnar Stahl/Jordan Staal came about.

Gunnar Stahl is the viking cousin of Jordan Staal. The Stahl family settled in Ontario and changed their last name to the Canadian spelling of Stahl which is “Staal.” And now the hockey tradition continues down on the sod farm.

Just a little anecdote I thought I’d share. This is the kind of hockey talk that goes on in my kitchen some days.


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