NHL Analysts Losing Their Collective Mind

You cannot make up the news coming out of the NHL right now. You simply can’t.

Here are some of the headline stories from the past week:

Matthew Barnaby Fired by ESPN for DWI

Former Pittsburgh Penguin Matthew Barnaby was arrested on December 5th for drunk driving. He has been an analyst for ESPN since 2008. They terminated his contract. This is the second time this year that Barnaby has been in trouble with the law. There was a domestic issue back in May where he kicked down the door of the home his estranged wife and children. His wife has a protective order against him and he is not allowed to contact her significant other as well. He avoided deportation back to his native Canada on his most recent escapade.

Mike Milbury Assaults a 12 Year Old 

Former Bruins coach turned NBC color analyst Mike Milbury assaulted a 12 year old pee wee hockey player last week…from the opposing team. Apparently the child was involved in an altercation with Milbury’s son. The mother of the victim states the Milbury “picked up my son by the shirt, shook him, and was screaming and swearing at him . . . You can’t put your hands on a child.’’ (From Boston Globe)

Milbury is taking time off from work while this is all sorted out. If this is true, Milbury’s career is likely over like Barnaby’s. What would possess you to do such a thing?


Well…let’s see what Pierre does now. And Roenick now that more top players have concussions. Surely he won’t want to hear about them.


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