The PensNation Trivia: #Sherobucks 12/16/11

If you weren’t able to listen to The PensNation Radio Show last night, you can check out the podcast today. You will actually need to listen to the whole podcast so that you can catch the overtime.

Listen to the podcast and email me the answers to these questions at Please put your Twitter handle in the email. If you answer all of the questions correctly, you will be awarded 75 #Sherobucks. You have until Saturday, December 17th at midnight to submit your responses.

1. Which superstition was your favorite of the players we talked about?

2.What were Sherobucks called before they became “Sherobucks”?

3. Name one of the girl’s hockey superstitions for watching games.

4. What did Kiley and Stevie both think was a key to winning against the Senators tonight?

Be sure to follow everyone on Twitter:

Killey: @TPN_Kiley

Ashley: @TPN_Atleigh

Meghan: @Pensnation_Meg

Andy: @Pensnation_Andy

Nick: @Pensnation_Nick

Ken: @Pensnation_Ken

Mike: @MikeDarnay

Joe: @PensDeptoTFP

You can listen to The PensNation Radio Show weeknights from 11:00-11:30 or catch the podcast on their site the next day!

Good luck!


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