What Jeremy Roenick Said

Jeremy Roenick. Oy. What to do with this guy? He cannot handle the intricacy of properly utilizing social media or being on television without completely melting down.

On October 11th, Roenick flipped out on Versus about the media hoopla around Crosby’s return/concussion. This is what happened:

I understand what he was saying because I agreed with his basic premise and I have written about it a few times. (I posted this in August and this last week.) There was so much craziness around Crosby and the uncertainty and it was more than what was necessary or reasonable. He would be back when he was back. I agreed that I didn’t feel that day to day updates and interviews with the same questions being answered the same way were needed.

However, Roenick, being Roenick, couldn’t articulate this thoughts in that simple manner. Instead he freaked out like the sibling of a new baby who is jealous that they are no longer in the spotlight. Pens fans saw the weakness and went for it. What he said meant to say was: “Leave Sid be. He will be back when he is well. He is the greatest player in the world and he will be back when it is his time.”

What we heard was: “OMG! Stop talking about Sidney Crosby! I can’t take it! I hate Sidney Crosby! He won a Stanley Cup. I have no Stanley Cups and I was once one of the greatest players in the world! Pay attention to me! Please! Make a big deal out of me!!!!”

When someone blows their lid like that, people see a weakness and they go for the kill. This is elementary school playground 101 stuff. Roenick has displayed his lack of control and filter via social media. We all know his weakness. And we’re going to exploit it.

Yesterday, he went on The Fan (audio here) and called out Pens fans for being unreasonable and for jobbing him and saying that we don’t listen. Trust me. We listened.  The whole world listened. If Roenick had articulated his thoughts on the situation on Versus the way he did on The Fan, this would have been a non-issue. I agreed with what Roenick said on The Fan. He stated that the he felt the team deserved more attention because of how well they were performing without Crosby. I totally am in agreement.

But that is NOT what he said on Versus.

“You gotta open your ears and listen before throwing daggers.” 

Our ears were open. It wasn’t what you said, Jeremy. It was HOW you said it. Learn to be a professional and articulate.

And please, step away from Twitter before you hurt yourself.


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