The Matt24Cooke Story

Is this the first time a parody has written a blog? Honestly, I don’t know. But I’ll try to keep it quick. In this blog I’ll just tell you guys about the parody, all right?

I can’t quite remember exactly when, but I started following the @SidFuckinCrosby and @Evil_Shero accounts earlier this year, and I thought they were funny. I figured, hey it must be fun to do something like that, so I thought maybe I should make one. But I had no clue who to make a parody of. All the “good ones” were taken by time I actaully made this account.

I checked the Pens website to see what player options I had. When I got down to Matt Cooke’s name, I realized that he was one of the few Pens that didn’t have a parody yet. That kinda surprised me. There’s so much material there. I thought a Matt Cooke parody had lots of potential. So on June 8th, 2011, I made this account @Matt24Cooke.

Now, before I go on for too long, I feel I must address the squirrel punch thing.

Haha. I don’t know what happened with that. I was bored one Friday so I decided to tweet that. People loved it, so I milked it.  That’s really the story behind that.

At this point, the REAL Matt Cooke’s #ChangedMan agenda was in full swing, so I milked it. Again. Haha. I began using the hashtag a lot. But it didn’t matter to the Cooke haters. They just kept on with their insults. That brings me to trolling. At some point on July 15, my timeline filled with RTs of Matt Cooke hate. At that moment, I got an idea. How funny would it be to publically poke fun at the people attacking Matt Cooke? So I did. And to let everyone know what I was doing, I posted this picture.


And I went at it. And it was good. Haha. I’ve been doing it ever since. My followers get a kick out of it, so I keep doing it.

Now for awhile I’ve had this reoccuring joke where I call myself the “Pens Twitter GM”. haha. And on October 12th, I tweeted out asking people to fill in the holes on the parody front and within a week’s time @Matt2Niskanen, @BrentNotJohnson, @ZCzechSensation, @Paul7Martin, @Ben6Lovejoy and @ArronAsham45 accounts were made. Then earlier this month I saw a post on Tumblr, and it had all the Pens players 2011-12 Yearbook photos on it it. I thought it looked pretty cool and thought it would be nice if all the parodies used them. And again, within a week, all the parodies were using them. TWITTER GM LIVES ON! Haha.

One last thing before I go. Before I made a parody, I always thought it was cool when one of the parodies followed me for whatever reason, so for the last month I’ve been doing my Hashtag Equal Follows initiative. You can be a part of it to. Its simple. During a Pens game if Matt Cooke gets a point, Pens win, our goalie gets a shutout,etc. if you send me one of these hastags, I’ll follow you. These are the hashtags: #PointsEqualFollows, #WinsEqualFollows, #ShutoutsEqualFollows, #FightsEqualFollows, #HatTricksEqualFollows, #MilestonesEqualFollows. And every now and then I ask a trivia question and whoever answers it correctly using the hashtag #TriviaEqualsFollows, I’ll follow them as well. But those are just a few fun things I’ve come up with just to keep the followers interactive. Its not much but, you know.

All that said, its been great running this account these last few months. I started it in June and its already staring down 900 followers. The only parody milestones in my mind right now are reaching 1000 followers and having one of the REAL Pens players follow me. After that, I’m a happy penguin. haha.

Well. Thanks for reading. Maybe I’ll do this blog thing again.

P.S. – For those in America, Happy Thanksgiving! For those not in America, Happy Thursday! haha. – M24C


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