#Sherobucks Scavenger Hunt!


Sherobucks are up for grabs with the help of some other awesome Pittsburgh sports websites.

For the next few weeks, your task is to find hidden pictures in various other sports blogs. On their assigned days, watch their tweets for clues on where to find the hidden pictures. Each photo contains a number. The magic number will be revealed once all are added together. Once you find the photo, screen capture it and email it to Evil Shero (evilshero@gmail.com).

Keep track of all of the photos you obtain. Do NOT tell others where you found the photos. This is in your best interest. You want to win right? (Some Pens game tickets are being thrown into the prize bin for #Sherobucks. Incentive to play fair?) After the13th round of the Scavenger Hunt, send the magic number to Evil Shero so that you can receive all of your #Sherobucks.

Each photo is worth 200 #Sherobucks on its own.

Please read on for the dates and blogs to watch…

Here is your list of blogs to watch:

November 22:
Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies

November 24:
The PensNation

November 28:
@MadChad412  High Heels & Hockey
412 Sports Talk 

November 30:
Pens Universe 

December 2:
The Pens Blog 

December 6:
Heyyyyy Fannnsssss 

December 7:
High Heels & Hockey 

December 9:
Chicks Who Dig Hockey 

December 12:
Jagoffs Leaving Early

December 14:
Life Through My Lens

December 15:

December 19:
The Pens and the Pen 

December 21:

December 22:
ConstruX NunchuX 

Good luck!


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