Welcome to High Heels and Hockey!

Welcome everyone to High Heels and Hockey!

Many of you may know me as Letangueray from Twitter, 412SportsTalk.net, or The Pens Blog. This is my new home for blogging!

Over the course of the next  few months you will see dramatic changes to the site as it evolves and comes together. I thank you for your patience as it will change often as I work with the look and theme to get it just right! Suggestions are always welcome!

Content wise, I will blog often about the Penguins and other NHL news league wide. There will be game recaps, a lot of opinion pieces, guest blogs and more. Now why High heels and hockey? Because they are two things that I love, so look forward to featured shoes. (Everyone needs a schtick,  right?)

I hope you will follow the Twitter account @highheelshockey for real time updates regarding site news and posts, as well as as my Youtube channel, which will host video montages that myself or friends create as well as live game footage. If you have questions, you can always  email me at heelsandhockey@gmail.com.

Thanks for your support!


a.k.a. Letangueray


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